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Distinction Home

Our premium home insurance product, this policy offers our highest level of protection for your home. Automatic benefits of this policy include Alternative Accommodation cover, Hidden Gradual Damage cover up to $10,000, matching items and Landscaping up to $100,000.

We can offer a Quantity Surveyor rebuild valuation under our NZI Distinction Home policies to help give you confidence that you’ve set the right level of cover for you. If your home is damaged due to an event other than a natural disaster, we'll pay the reasonable repair or rebuild cost even if it's more than the total sum insured if certain conditions are met.

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Our policies

Echelon Home

Great practical cover, our most popular policy. It will give you the confidence to know you’re covered up to a maximum specified amount should something happen to your home. Automatic additional benefits include cover for alternative accommodation and your legal liability for bodily injury to others.

Our policies

Essence Home

Good value, our most affordable policy. It offers protection up to a maximum specified amount for that thing that matters most – your home. Cover for loss of rent and landlord’s fixtures and fittings are among the automatic additional benefits this home insurance offers. 

Our policies

Houseowners Home

Provides basic insurance for those who own a house. This policy provides cover for certain specified events and offers both replacement value and present value options for your house up to a maximum specified amount.   

Your guide to Methamphetamine contamination

We know Meth contamination is a prominent issue so it's best to take precautions and never assume your rental or property is safe. We've prepared this handy guide to help 

We've prepared this handy guide to help keep your home safe.

Supplier Search Tool

We've got a nationwide network of highly skilled, approved suppliers who are committed to getting you and your home up and running – find one in your area with our supplier search tool

What is sum insured?

Homes are covered on a Sum Insured basis. This means that instead of being insured for an unspecified replacement cost, you are insured for up to a maximum specified amount. That amount is your Total Sum Insured.

It is important to ensure that the Total Sum Insured amount on your Policy Schedule reflects the likely cost of rebuilding your home (together with Special, Recreational Features and/or Retaining walls specified on the Policy Schedule). If you set your Total Sum Insured too low, you may not have adequate coverage in the event of a loss to your home. If your sum insured is too high, you may be paying too much premium.

For more information regarding sum insured and how to calculate yours, click here.

If you have any questions or would like changes to be made, please contact your insurance broker. 

Cover for compulsory evacuation

Being required to evacuate your home by an authority in an emergency is stressful, and alternative accommodation during this time can be costly. So, from 1 October 2021, we’re helping cover the cost of alternative accommodation while it is unsafe for you and your family to be in your home, up to the limits outlined in your policy:

  • if you’re required to evacuate your principal residence by a local authority or government agency (like a council, Civil Defence, NZ Police or Fire and Emergency NZ)
  • because your property is at risk of damage, from an event that would be covered under your policy, and
  • where you have an Alternative Accommodation benefit.


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Loss of Rent cover in a compulsory evacuation

From 1 October 2021, where you have a Loss of Rent benefit under your Landlord’s cover policy, this benefit will also provide cover:

  • if the property is temporarily vacant (it is habitable and undamaged and ready to be tenanted), and
  • where you are unable to get new tenants because an official evacuation order is in place, and
  • where we can reasonably expect that your property is at risk of damage, from an event that would be covered by your policy.


Find out what compulsory evacuation means for your Loss of Rent cover.