Cyber expert team

Once your business is insured with NZI, our Cyber Expert Team will be at your disposal as soon as you experience a cyber threat. Call our 24/7 Cyber Emergency Hotline (0800 NZI CYB) to get in touch with a breach coordinator - from there we’ll assemble a team to fit your situation and keep you updated every step of the way.

Breach coordinators

Provided by Sedgwick

We’re on call 24 hours a day, ready to coordinate a first response team. We treat each incident as a crisis event, understanding that the decisions immediately following a cyber breach can significantly affect the outcome. Once we receive the report of a breach, we commence the “triage” process to quickly understand the scale and specific circumstances of the breach. This allows us to assemble the right team of Cyber Experts to restore your business operations as quickly as possible.

Public relations

Provided by Porter Novelli

Reputation is one of a company’s most important assets so it’s important to protect it. Our team provides communications advice, support and implementation after a breach to help mitigate any reputational damage that may follow.

Loss adjusters and forensic accountants

Provided by Sedgwick

We provide material facts to NZI and quantify the losses so that settlement can be paid. Cyber events usually involve significant business interruption and thus financial loss, reputational damage, data reinstatement costs and potential litigation. To assist in quantifying these losses we involve our forensic accountants from FAS Global.

Forensic IT

Provided by Deloitte

Our role is to provide cyber incident response and IT forensics. This involves searching for and finding evidence in computers and other digital storage media of the cyber breach. We can also provide advice and implementation of cyber solutions across the business; spanning technology, processes, education and governance.

Provided by PwC

Our role is to respond to breaches with our specialist forensic and incident response capabilities.We help businesses to recover quickly with a focus on preventing re-occurrence by analysing the root causes of the breach and providing strategies for remediation.

Legal consultants

Provided by Wotton + Kearney

We give specialist legal advice to steer experienced forensic IT, security and public relations professionals, and lawyers in other jurisdictions in order to manage crisis situations and to mitigate the effects of cyber attacks and data loss. This goes beyond advising on imminent legal exposures. We’re available to mobilise immediately and prepared to understand your legal and commercial risks and be flexible in order to meet your needs.