Cyber Ultra includes cover for IT experts to fix your problem, first and third party liability, and legal costs. Cyber Ultra also provides Business Interruption protection to cover loss of revenue should your business be unable to operate for more than 12 hours due to a cyber attack or loss of service, and may pay for public relations professionals to help you minimise any resulting reputational damage.

Cyber Ultra includes cover for:


  • Loss of personal or corporate information (including employee information)
  • Loss of personal information held by service providers (for example, the cloud or internet service providers)
  • Defence costs

System Damage

  • Lost, damaged or destroyed IT systems and IT records/data.
  • Costs of retrieving, repairing, restoring or replacing data, systems or hardware.
  • Costs of external IT forensic or security consultants.

Business interruption

  • Loss of profits due to a cyber event (with no indemnity period restriction, subject to a time excess of 12 hours).

Computer virus, transmission and hacking

  • Liability arising from hacker attacks or viruses.
  • Loss or theft of your data (or data for which you are responsible).
  • Loss by phishing emails or denial of services attacks.
  • Attacks by employees and third parties.

Computer crime

  • Crime losses, including loss of money or property.
  • Loss of money or property from service providers' systems.
  • Loss caused by rogue employee or third party.

Multimedia liability

  • Protection against libel, slander or defamation.
  • Cover for infringement of copyright, trademarks and trade names - on all your marketing material (digital or print).
  • Covers your defence costs and third party's costs.

Brand and personal reputation protection

  • Public relations consultancy costs to protect your company brand(s) and personal reputations of senior executives.

Breach of statutory duties

  • Breach of statutory duty relating to eCommerce business.
  • Defence costs and compensation.

Privacy breach notification and loss mitigation

  • Breach costs (for actual or suspected privacy breach), including credit monitoring, identify theft monitoring, data restoration and forensic costs.
  • Legal costs.

Privacy fines and investigations

  • Fines and penalties you incur due to a privacy breach.
  • Defence and investigation costs.


  • All subsidiaries (both new and former).
  • All past, present and future directors, officers and employees.
  • Your estate spouse, heirs, and legal representatives.
  • Free consultation from nominated practitioners (maximum one hour)

Please see policy wording for full details of insurance cover and limits provided by Cyber Ultra.

Our Assessment




Great work. We still recommend that you speak to a broker about cyber insurance. Your business appears to have some good procedures in place but there may still be more that you could be doing to help cover yourself from cyber threats.

Well done. It looks like you have some adequate procedures in place to help protect your business against possible cyber threats. We still recommend that you contact a broker today to find out more about NZI Cyber insurance solutions.

Your business may not be adequately protected against cyber threats, potentially leaving you exposed. We strongly recommend that you contact a broker today to find out how NZI Cyber solutions could help to cover your business.

Are you at risk?

Simple oversights could expose your business to serious cyber threats. Find out your level of risk by answering just a few questions.

What type of industry are you in?
Do you encrypt valuable information before you take it out of the office?

Encrypt > Encoding into an unreadable, protected format.

Do you update your firewall and virus protection monthly?

Firewall > A layer of protection between your network and the wider internet.

Do you have offsite back ups of all your important data?
Do you allow online purchases, bill payments, banking or trading?
Do you store information in the cloud?

Cloud > Offsite storage accessed over the internet.