Crash Scene Assistance

Our 24/7 crash scene response team are here to help you when the worst happens. Whether it's Te Puke or Te Anau, we'll get to you and your vehicle as soon as possible. Just call 0800 11 11 08 as soon as an accident happens, and we'll manage the rest. As well as salvaging your vehicle, we'll take care of any road clean-up, environmental issues, and driver support that’s needed. As a customer of NZI or Lumley, you'll have access to our crash scene assistance management whenever you need it.

See our response team in action at our simulation event.

Commercial motor repairs

If you crash, our specialist motor repair managers handle the repair process for you – right from the crash scene. Acting as the liaison between Crash Scene Assistance vehicle recovery, repair workshops, claims teams and the broker, we make sure that repairs on your vehicle are dealt with quickly, using quality parts and the right workshops.

Our repair managers are all highly qualified in mechanical and technical repairs and have experience in commercial fleet operation. 

Benefits of using our service

  • The process gets started earlier
  • The immediate cost of salvage is reduced
  • The potential loss of freight is minimised
  • Vehicle assessment happens sooner
  • Your vehicle is back on the road faster