Farm insurance is vital because your farm is your home but also your business.

And as with any other business, you need to safeguard your essential assets and protect yourself against legal liabilities. That’s why NZI has adapted its trusted policies specifically to meet the needs of rural New Zealanders.

You can get cover for:

  • damage to your buildings, their contents, machinery and vehicles.
  • loss in turnover and increased operational costs from an interruption to your rural business.
  • your legal liability for property damage or personal injury.

Check out the policy snapshots below. To find out more about NZI rural insurance, please talk to your broker or use our online tool to help find one.

Rural material damage

Rural insurance recommended for anyone running a business in agriculture or horticulture. This policy protects you against damage to farm buildings, their contents and machinery. It also covers fences, culverts, animal feed and bridges. For horticulturists, we cover your greenhouse and the cost to date of growing the plants.

Rural business interruption

Important cover for rural businesses, particularly where farms would shut down if essential infrastructure like milking sheds was lost. This insurance covers the reduced turnover and increased working costs resulting from an unexpected interruption to your business. You can also cover costs that continue when the income stops - such as wages, interest and rates.

Rural commercial motor vehicle

Covers costs of vehicle repair and replacement. NZI's specialist motor assessors help reduce delay and disruption when your tractors, trucks and harvesters are not available. This policy also covers your legal liability for any damage or injury.

Rural liability

Farming activity entails risk of property damage and personal injury. Liability insurance is essential to cover legal liability for negligence and the increasing exposures to statutory liability that farmers face.  The cost of liability claims can risk  the farm and liability insurance is an essential cover.

Rural machinery breakdown

Covers accidental breakdown of the motors, surface pumps and submersible pumps and other machinery you need to run your farm. Machinery breakdown cover is recommended for essential machinery and can also be arranged for all machinery on you farm.  

Rural stock deterioration

Ideal cover for agricultural produce that farmers keep under refrigeration. This policy covers refrigerated goods that have deteriorated as a result of the refrigeration machinery failing. You can also extend it to include cryogenic storage of genetic material, such as semen straws and embryos.

Rural livestock

Recommended cover for your high-value individual animals, for death by injury or illness and for fertility. Options are also available to cover herds, working dogs and horses.