Our national team of Risk Management professionals can help you assess the likelihood and consequence of a loss to your business and put together strategies to mitigate this risk.   

Being able to identify and prevent a loss from happening can help to protect your business reputation and market share should the worst happen.

The NZI Risk Consulting team has over 25 years' experience supporting the commercial business community and they personally visit over 3,000 customers annually. This scale gives us the insights to identify potential risks to your business and suggest mitigation measures to address these. 

Our network of preferred suppliers, Risk Solutions, is another way we work to make your world a safer place, giving you access to our trusted risk improvements contractors.

The NZI Risk Solutions programme gives you access to:

  • specialist suppliers who have technical expertise and can offer competitive pricing
  • suppliers who understand risk management and abide by New Zealand Standards and code of ethics
  • service level agreements set in place with NZI, to ensure you receive the highest standard of service.
  • NZI Risk Solutions can also be used in conjunction with our experienced NZI risk consultants who can survey your premises and determine risk improvement areas to help protect your property.


A range of free Risk Management Fact Sheets and Risk Management Guides, are available to download. These have been designed for small business owners and address specific issues such as earthquakes and electrical safety to help you plan for your risks and better protect your business.

Why choose NZI

NZI is one of New Zealand’s largest and most well-known insurance brands, offering an extensive selection of flexible, comprehensive insurance services for people and businesses throughout the country.

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