At NZI (a business division of IAG New Zealand Limited), we are committed to providing a quality service to our customers. Our complaints procedure reflects that commitment. It recognises that things can go wrong and when they do we must identify and correct any mistake as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This letter is provided to assist you if you experience a problem. It tells you how to make a complaint, what we will do if a complaint is received and what you should do if you are not satisfied with our response.


Here’s what to do:

Your first steps are to contact the office you have been dealing with.


Step 1. First, discuss your problem with the person you’ve been dealing with. Talk through your concerns and we’ll try and resolve it.


Step 2. Second, if you’re still unhappy with the answer, contact their Team Leader. At this stage it is best to put your complaint in writing. But if you prefer, you can phone the Team Leader instead. They’ll acknowledge that your complaint has been received, investigate and then inform you of the outcome.


If you’re not satisfied with this outcome


Step 3. Next write to:

The Executive General Manager of NZI

Private Bag 92130

Auckland 1142

We’ll acknowledge your complaint within five working days and make sure it’s fully investigated. You’ll receive written advice of the outcome within 10 working days-or if no decision has been made, we’ll give you an update on the progress of your case.

Step 4. Finally, if we are unable to resolve your complaint within two months we’ll tell you. We’ll also tell you of your rights under the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman scheme (IFSO) which considers complaints relating to insurance claims. This is an independent scheme which considers complaints, free of charge to you, relating to personal insurance claims and certain claims for small businesses.

Should you wish to have your complaint considered by the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman, you must advise the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman not later than three months after the date NZI informs you that deadlock has been reached with your claim.

The Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman, P O Box 10845, Wellington 6143

Fax: (04) 499 7614 Telephone (04) 4997612 or for callers outside Wellington freephone 0800 888 202.

You’ll find additional information and contact details on the web at:




If you would like more information about our complaints procedure, please ask a member of our staff and we will be pleased to assist.