Preventing damage

  • Do what you can to take care of your property and to prevent any further loss or damage.
  • NZI will reimburse you for any reasonable costs incurred in minimising further loss or damage in the event of a claim.
  • If you locate a water leak that’s either causing or has the potential to cause damage to your property, make sure it’s fixed immediately.
  • If carpets or floor coverings have any water damage or staining, contact Jae's on 0800 225 552 to arrange cleaning and drying. This will help to prevent further loss or damage.
  • Please take as many photos as possible.

Reporting loss or damage

  • Report any loss or damage to your broker immediately, including the potential for any claim. If you have difficulty getting in touch with your broker, please call NZI directly on 0800 2BROKER (0800 227 653).
  • Notify the police as soon as possible if you think the loss was caused by an illegal act.
  • Keep your receipts and proof of purchase in a safe place, as they may be required.
  • If possible, retain any damaged items in case we need to view them or obtain a report on the damage.     

Commercial motor claims - Crash Scene Assistance

If you crash your commercial motor vehicle, our specialist motor repair managers handle the repair process for you – right from the crash scene. Acting as the liaison between Crash Scene Assistance vehicle recovery, repair workshops, claims teams and the broker, we make sure that repairs on your vehicle are dealt with quickly, using quality parts and the right workshops.

Our repair managers are all highly qualified in mechanical and technical repairs and have experience in commercial fleet operation. If you've had an accident, call 0800 11 11 08 as soon as possible to utilise this service. 

Car insurance claims

  • Keep the details of any other party involved in a motor vehicle accident, including name, address and vehicle registration number.
  • If you have a broken car window or windscreen, you can contact Novus on 0800 20 35 35 or Smith & Smith on 0800 80 90 80 to arrange repairs immediately. In most instances you can claim for this with no effect on your policy.

Liability claims

Don't admit liability or enter into any settlement agreement without the prior consent of NZI. Make sure you contact your broker immediately to seek guidance on your claim.

Cyber claims

When you have an issue, call the 24/7 Cyber emergency helpline

Experiencing a cyber event can be stressful, but you don't have to do it alone. All NZI Cyber insurance policies offer a helpline you can call whenever an issue arises. We'll assess your situation and provide you access to a panel of cyber experts, including IT, legal, and forensics experts, that are available anytime and anywhere you need them. You will also be connected with a cyber breach coordinator to resolve your issues by deploying industry leading experts in their respective fields.

0800 NZI CYB (0800 694 292) at any time, 24/7.

Marine claims

If you’ve suffered loss or damage, let us know immediately by emailing, with the relevant commercial documents.

Please also give written notice to third parties who may be liable for the loss or damage.

It’s important that you take all reasonable steps to mitigate or minimise your loss. If it’s a large loss, you might need to appoint a surveyor to inspect the damage and obtain further information. If so, please contact the company’s agents or the nearest local Lloyds surveyor.

Marine cargo claims

Do not give clean receipt for goods in a doubtful condition, except under written protest.

You must give notice to the carrier or third party within three days of delivery if loss is not apparent when you take delivery.

If your loss is outside of New Zealand: please contact your nearest Lloyds agent.

If your loss is within New Zealand: please email immediately and we’ll assist in appointing a surveyor for you.

Please provide the following when you submit your claim:

  • Insurance certificate(s)
  • Commercial documents (bills of lading/airway bill, commercial invoice, documentation relating to out-turn/receipt of goods)
  • Statement of claim
  • Copy of notice of claim to carrier
  • Photos where appropriate
  • Out-turn/de-vanning documents.

Marine hull and marine liability claims

Please contact NZI Marine immediately at and take all reasonable steps to minimise any further loss.

You should also gather information about the incident, such as photos of the damage, details of any witnesses and any other evidence that will help you with your claim.

For Marine liability claims, all documents received from third parties who hold you liable for any loss or damage must be forwarded immediately to your broker or NZI Marine. Do not admit liability.

Marine claim contacts

You can email the NZI Marine claims department at: or call us on 0800 227 6537, extension 22616.