At NZI we aim to be involved in the ongoing protection of New Zealand communities for years to come. So we believe in investing in partnerships that promote strong and resilient communities, and combat hardships that reduce people’s opportunities in life.


Two great examples of how we help turn good intention into effective action are:

  • Business Mentors New Zealand

  • First Foundation scholarships

  • our annual Christmas charity donation. 




Business Mentors New Zealand

​NZI is proud to support Business Mentors New Zealand - a structured and supported volunteer business mentoring service to New Zealand businesses employing up to 25 people.


Business Mentors New Zealand has an extensive nationwide network of experienced mentors and since the organisation was established in 1991, it has mentored over 55,000 clients.


We see this partnership as a great fit for our business as we share many of the same values.  Business Mentors New Zealand's primary objectives are to enhance small business sustainability by mobilising volunteer resources, utilise the skills and experience of successful business people to meet community needs by supporting the creation and retention of employment, and alleviate financial hardship in urban and rural communities.



First Foundation scholarships

NZI is a First Foundation Scholarship Partner. This means we help give young New Zealanders a hand up to tertiary education through the First Foundation.


An educational trust, the First Foundation believes that all young people should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams, regardless of their socio-economic status. The trust also believes that financial assistance is only part of the package.


So NZI’s support of three First Foundation scholars from low-decile schools not only involves assistance with their tertiary fees over four years of education. We also provide part-time work and a variety of work experiences, the support of a mentor and a structured development programme.


Our scholarship – the Austin Hemmings Memorial Scholarship – is in memory of Austin Hemmings, an NZI manager who tragically lost his own life when he stepped in without hesitation to protect a woman in need one night in 2008. He was an extraordinary leader who invested enormous time and teaching in his team.


If you’d like to know more about how the trust has transformed more than 300 young lives, visit First Foundation.   



Christmas charity donation

It’s a time for giving, so every year at Christmas we make a donation to a New Zealand charitable organisation to help them continue their work in the coming year.


KidsCan received $20,000 from NZI for Christmas in both 2012 and 2013 to help fund its work supporting the education of more than 46,000 disadvantaged children in 223 low-decile schools nationwide. The organisation helps to meet the physical and nutritional needs of these Kiwi kids by providing food, shoes and raincoats.


At NZI we echo the KidsCan philosophy of education equalling opportunity and believe that backing New Zealand’s future by supporting the well-being of our youngsters is a fantastic cause.


The 2012 gift was the second year in a row that KidsCan received NZI’s Christmas charitable donation.


Other recipients over the past few years have included: 

  • St John (2010)

  • Foundation for Youth Development (2009)

  • Ronald McDonald House (2008)

  • Cure Kids (2007).