What do we offer?

Whatever the level of home insurance you’re after, we have a full range of options
for all requirements.


Your house will be covered up to a maximum specified amount that you nominate, called Total Sum Insured. And, depending on your policy, you may have additional benefits such as cover for alternative accommodation.


If your house is being rebuilt following a total loss, we can contribute towards sustainability features. This automatic additional benefit is available under these policies: Distinction (up to $25,000) and Echelon (up to $15,000).


If you’re looking to protect the roof over your head plus the possessions inside,
be sure to check out both our home and contents insurance options.


Check out the policy snapshots below. To find out more, or to request a home insurance quote, please talk to your broker or use our online tool to help find one.


If your home is currently insured with NZI for an unspecified replacement cost, it will shift to being insured for up to a maximum specified amount (Total Sum Insured) when your home insurance policy renews.


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Distinction Home


NZI Distinction Home Insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that your lifestyle is protected in the event of loss or damage to your valuable asset. Distinction is our highest level of insurance, with generous limits, a wealth of benefits and value-added services. A distinctive home deserves extensive benefits, including alternative accommodation cover with no dollar limit for up to 12 months automatically, with the option of extending cover for up to either 18 or 24 months.


We also offer you help in setting the correct level of cover for your home, by giving you access to a complimentary Quantity Surveyor rebuild valuation. Then, if your home is damaged in any event other than a natural disaster, we’ll pay the reasonable cost to repair or rebuild it - even if this is more than the total sum insured - provided certain conditions are met.


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Echelon Home

Great practical cover, our most popular policy. It will give you the confidence to know you’re covered up to a maximum specified amount should something happen to your home. Automatic additional benefits include cover for alternative accommodation and your legal liability for bodily injury to others.


Essence Home

Good value, our most affordable policy. It offers protection up to a maximum specified amount for that thing that matters most – your home. Cover for loss of rent and landlord’s fixtures and fittings are among the automatic additional benefits this home insurance offers.


Houseowners Home

Provides basic insurance for those who own a house. This policy provides cover for certain specified events and offers both replacement value and present value options for your house up to a maximum specified amount.   



Your guide to Methamphetamine contamination

Meth consumption is a wide spread problem in New Zealand. It’s used by people of all backgrounds, ages, and circumstances. Because it’s a prominent issue, it’s best to take precautions and never just assume your rental or property is safe.


How to get NZI insurance?

For full details about our house insurance, please contact your broker. If you don’t already have one, we can help you find a broker.

Policy disclaimer

The documents available on this website represent our standard policy wordings. These standard wordings may be varied when they are issued. Any variance will be unique for each customer, based on their individual circumstances. The wordings on this site can be withdrawn, substituted or varied at any time without prior notice.