What do we offer?

Our transit insurance provides different types of cover for accidental loss or damage
to your possessions while they’re being moved.


The type of cover depends on your needs – are you moving your property yourself,
or hiring professionals to do the job?


Choose your solution from: 

  • Limited cover – if you’re moving your goods yourself and you want protection in case an accident, fire or flood damages your goods while they’re being moved.

  • Accidental loss – if you’re hiring professional movers, and you want protection against accidental damage to your goods during transit.


Check out the policy snapshot below. To find out more about NZI transit insurance, please talk to your broker or use our online tool to help find one.



Household Goods and Personal Effects Transit

Great practical cover for when you or the professionals are moving your household goods and personal effects. This policy covers accidental loss to your insured property during transit. If you’re doing the moving yourself, see Option 1 – Limited Cover.



Policy disclaimer 

The documents available on this website represent our standard policy wordings. These standard wordings may be varied when they are issued. Any variance will be unique for each customer, based on their individual circumstances. The wordings on this site can be withdrawn, substituted or varied at any time without prior notice.