Contents Calculator

Contents calculator


This calculator will help you work out the insurance cover you might need to replace the contents of your home. It’s important to adequately insure your possessions, as the Sum Insured on your contents policy is the maximum amount you can claim.


We recommend you:

  • go from room to room in your house, writing down your estimate of what each item is worth (our calculator contains a list of contents common to NZ family homes)

  • enter your values in the calculator – you can use the average value provided or your own estimate

  • click the ‘calculate’ button to get the total amount – this is what your Sum Insured should be. 


Talk to your broker about the information you’ve calculated. They can advise you on suitable contents insurance, along with options for valuing and insuring items such as jewellery, antiques and fine art. 


Visit Home insurance changes to estimate the likely cost of rebuilding your home. 



Enter your values



Average value ($) Your value ($)

*Please check your policy wordings to see if your carpet is covered under your contents as well as your home policies. If it’s covered by both, then you should consider adjusting your contents sum insured amount, so that you’re not insuring the same item under two policies.


The values listed are indicative only and do not replace an insurance valuation provided by a registered valuer or any other kind of valuation provided by a professional. Make sure the values you enter in the calculator represent your own situation as accurately as possible.