Benefits of using a broker

Benefits of using a broker


When arranging insurance, many people take shortcuts or are simply unaware of some of the complexities. Insurance brokers, however, have a strong knowledge of
the insurance market.


Whatever cover you need, brokers are there to provide advice and assistance to ensure you are appropriately protected.


They will:

  • explain your policy to you

  • guide you through the process

  • advise you on any associated costs or special situations you need to look out for

  • negotiate competitive premiums on your behalf.


Claims help

Should you need to make a claim, your broker will manage the process for you, from end to end. This will save you time and trouble.


They will work directly with our claims team on your behalf and complete any formalities that are required. They’ve an intimate knowledge of how insurance operations work, so they’ll ensure your claim is managed efficiently and quickly.


Plus, they’ll provide you with counsel should you have any questions along the way. Your broker will play a large part in helping you get things back to normal.



Building trust

You’ll benefit most from using a broker by developing a close working relationship with them, where they understand your future plans, your associated risks and how you like to do business.


Using a broker will help you choose the most suitable policy options for your particular insurance needs. 




NZI sells insurance through the broker network. Use our online tool to help you find a broker you can trust.


Find a broker


It will give you a choice of professionals, whether you’re after an Auckland insurance broker, operators in other cities such as Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton or Wanganui, or someone based further afield.