What's ransomware?

In simple words it's digital extortion and is the fastest growing cyber threat for all businesses.

Ransomware can be hidden in emails and websites, once opened, your files become encrypted with a 'key' that only the attacker has access to. Ransomware is extremely dangerous as it can spread quickly and evolve to avoid security measures.

How can it affect your business?

  • Locking you out of your systems, data or information until you pay a ransom fee
  • Disables functionality of your devices and systems, leaving you unable to do business
  • It has a substantial cost impact - you could be locked out of your business until you pay a ransom, there is also no guarantee that the cyber criminal will unlock your business either
  • Privacy of your employees or customers could be breached which could lead to loss of trust and reputation

Steps to keep you protected

  • Keep your software and operating systems up to date - set them up so that they auto-renew
  • Be wary of unexpected emails that contain strange links or attachments
  • Complete regular back ups of your data and information to an external hard drive so you still have access in the event of a cyber attack
  • Educate your staff on what to look out for and instruct them not to open links or emails that look suspicious