What's employee misadventure?

For example, it could include them posting or sharing inappropriate content, or marketing the incorrect price. Employee Misadventure could be a genuine mistake, or it could be malicious.

How can it affect your business?

  • Damage your businesses reputation
  • Inconvenience for customers if they can't access your website
  • Impact revenue if forced to honour incorrect prices
  • Costs to engage with PR experts to help reduce the issue

Keep yourself protected

  • Ensure more than one person in your business has access to your social media accounts, website CMS and marketing platforms
  • Have a sign off procedure before any new content gets published
  • If an employee leaves the business, make sure their access is disabled straight away
  • Have an incident response plan in case the worst does happen, which maps out all your risks, online accounts, who has access to them and what you'll do in the event of someone going rouge
  • Educate your employees on appropriate social media use, including what your company is prepared to say, and who you're prepared to support