What are the benefits?

Identify at-risk drivers and up skill them to mitigate risk. We recommend the following organisations to provide online driver training solutions for your business. 


SharpDrive is an interactive online driver training system that improves your employees' attitudes towards driving and their knowledge of driving best practices. It helps reduce risks on the road and keeps your people and business safe.

Driving Tests

Improve your drivers’ knowledge of road rules, driver health and safety, vehicle safety and more with e-learning modules they can complete at work or at home, on a computer, tablet or smartphone.


eDrive uses state-of-the-art technology to delivers real-life driving simulations filmed on NZ roads. It puts your employees in the driver seat (from the safety of a computer) to teach them how to identify and avoid hazards and drive to conditions of the road.

Fleet Coach

Fleet Coach can help you identify at-risk drivers, train your employees and manage on-road risk. It coaches your staff through the crucial higher-level driving skills such as hazard perception and situation awareness, reducing their crash risk.

These programmes are tools to help your business manage risk. It should not be relied on to satisfy compliance with any legal and other health and safety obligations.


To contact a member of our Fleet Risk Management team, send us an email on FRM@nzi.co.nz