Cyber and Communicable Diseases exclusion endorsements update

Following on from our Cyber and Communicable diseases exclusion policy wording endorsements sent late last year, we have made some minor changes to both wordings following our treaty renewal on 1 January. The updated endorsements are attached below.

Communicable disease update

The change in communicable disease exclusion relates to the removal of the wording “This exclusion applies regardless of any other cause or event contributing concurrently or in any other sequence”. The removal of this provides a better outcome for customers at claims time.

The change also includes:

  • Removal of repeated word “any” in sub para 3.
  • Additional peril landslip included in writeback.

Cyber update

The change in the cyber exclusion is a minor amendment to the definition of computer system - “including any similar system or configuration of the aforementioned and including any…” for future proofing.

There is also an addition of the word loss in the sentence “Provided that there is no cover where such loss, damage or Time Element Loss is directly or indirectly caused by, contributed to by, resulting from or arising out of or in connection with a Cyber Act.”



With the wording now finalised, these endorsements will apply in the system to NZI and broker MDBI policies (excluding Lumley brand, see details below), both new and renewals, effective from 1 March 2021, regardless of combined asset amount.  The endorsements to any corporate and larger commercial (combined assets of over $20m) MDBI policies for January and February 2021 will continue to be manually applied.

Please ensure you use this updated exclusion wording and delete the previously sent wordings from your files. For those policies that have already renewed with the previous exclusion wording, the updated exclusion wording will be applied at the next renewal date.


Lumley endorsements

Please note that for Lumley, the endorsements will continue to apply manually to any corporate and larger commercial (combined assets of over $20m) MDBI policies.  The endorsements for those with combined assets under $20m will not be applied automatically in the system yet, and we will keep you updated on when this will go live.


Rural policies

We are currently reviewing the communicable disease exclusion wording for our Rural policies and are expecting to amend the write back of cover to cater better for customers with milk contamination cover. We will communicate with you when this is live.