Supporting our customers and broker partners through COVID-19

At all levels of the COVID 19 Protection Framework, essential services remain up and running. Insurance is classified as an essential service, so we will be here for you.

We understand life and business has changed for many of our customers. Please talk to your broker about options that may be available if you or your business are facing financial hardship.

NZI is working closely with our broker partners, so please contact your broker in the usual way for any queries or to make a claim.

Frequently asked questions:

These Frequently Asked Questions will continue to be updated as we learn more and respond to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.


We would not decline a claim solely on the basis of an expired WOF/COF. However, if there are road worthiness issues, and those road worthiness issues directly caused an accident, then we may not accept the claim. It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is maintained and in roadworthy condition. Please remember to get your WOF/COF as soon as you can after the government restrictions are over - we want all our customers to be driving safe vehicles.

Yes – this service is still being treated as essential, so vehicles involved in an accident or broken down will be towed back to your home or to a secure location.