​What do we offer?

Any building or development is a big financial undertaking, whether it’s home improvement in your own backyard, property development in the commercial world or feats of engineering for the public good.


Construction and engineering insurance helps protect your new investments and meet the legal requirements of the contracts that may be in place.


Our range of policies can:  

  • protect you from financial loss due to property damage at the construction site

  • cover loss of rents or profit if your project is delayed by damage to insured property

  • cover loss of income and stock deterioration if plant and machinery breaks down.


Check out the policy snapshots below. To find out more about NZI construction insurance, please talk to your broker or let us help you find one.



Contract Works Single Project

Recommended building insurance for new construction projects, as well as renovations. This policy is suitable for all types of one-off projects, such as houses and office blocks. It’s also intended for civil purposes such as roads and bridges. (Liability cover is not included).

Erection All Risks

This insurance policy covers you for the risk of loss arising from erecting and installing machinery or plant, and the associated testing and commissioning phase.



Contract Works Annual

Great protection for a builder planning to carry out a number of projects throughout the year. Taking out this construction insurance saves having to arrange a single project policy for each and every contract you undertake.



Advanced Consequential Loss

Ideal building insurance for larger contracts where completing on time is crucial to getting the business running. It protects you from loss of gross profit if your project is delayed due to loss or damage at the construction site to property covered by contract works insurance.


Contractor's Plant and Machinery

Great protection for any items of plant and machinery to be used on the construction site. Items under this insurance could range from a site hut to a tower crane.


Machinery Breakdown

Basic insurance for all business owners who rely on machinery in their day-to-day operations. Getting repairs done and production restored as soon as possible is critical. This policy covers you for accidental loss caused by mechanical failures to insured machinery.


Machinery Breakdown Business Interruption

Extra protection for business owners for whom machinery is vital to their daily operations. This policy combines Machinery Breakdown insurance with Business Interruption cover for financial loss caused by the interruption to your business trading.



Stock Deterioration

Ideal protection if your business involves selling or using frozen or chilled food. If your refrigeration system breaks down, you could lose stock due to the temperature fluctuation. This policy provides cover for this type of loss.



Electronic Equipment

Computer systems are vital to your business viability. This insurance covers you for these systems breaking down, and data or financial loss as a result. We can extend it for accidental damage, similar to the cover provided under a material damage policy.

How to get NZI insurance?

For full details about our construction and engineering insurance, or to request a quote, please contact your broker. If you don’t have one, we can help you find a broker.




Policy disclaimer

The documents available on this website represent our standard policy wordings. These standard wordings may be varied when they are issued. Any variance will be unique for each customer, based on their individual circumstances. The wordings on this site can be withdrawn, substituted or varied at any time without prior notice.