What do we offer?

If you own commercial property, we can insure you for loss or damage to it.
Whether it’s a building, plant, tools or stock, we can help protect it against
the unexpected.

We’ve also added some extras to our commercial property insurance, such as damage to property under construction and to portable electronics, like phones,

tablets and laptops.

Interested in ‘green’ incentives? Take a look at these policies:
Check out the policy snapshots below. To find out more, or to request an NZI commercial property insurance quote, please talk to your broker or use our online
tool to help find one.

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Earthquake-prone buildings

Your insurance will almost certainly change if your building is earthquake prone and insured with NZI. If you own such a building, you need to let us know immediately and discuss the implications with your broker.
Even if your commercial building is not classified as earthquake prone, the potential for other types of earthquake damage can still be significant. 
To help protect your business, we’ve developed a checklist which outlines some of the important steps you might wish to consider taking to reduce the risk of damage and financial loss resulting from an earthquake. 
Earthquake checklist


Material Damage

Recommended for all business owners operating from a fixed location. This policy provides cover that will replace or repair your commercial property if it gets stolen or an accident causes physical damage.
We also offer these sustainability incentives: 
  • If you make a claim for office equipment and the items need to be replaced, you’ll have the opportunity to replace items with energy-efficient equivalents.
  • If you buy the ‘Additional sustainable rebuilding costs’ policy extension, you’ll receive up to $250,000 extra to use more sustainable products when rebuilding your property following a total loss.


Business Interruption

Comprehensive, flexible cover. This insurance can be tailored to your specific needs, covering loss of revenue, profit or rents affected by damage to insured property. It’s designed to keep your business operational and in the same financial trading position as before a loss.


Mobile Business Assets

Great practical cover. This policy protects your insured property against accidental loss that happens anywhere in New Zealand. If your business is mobile, this insurance will cover your plant and equipment wherever you are.


Residential Buildings (Multi-Dwelling)

Commercial property insurance designed for residential units, such as apartments and multi-dwelling complexes. It covers damage to residential units and common property owned by a body corporate. The policy is automatically extended to also cover lost rent and alternative accommodation if a unit can’t be rented or lived in following damage.
Bodies corporate that insure their multi-dwelling property will receive an additional $5,000 per unit to incorporate sustainable products (up to a maximum of $25,000 per policy) when rebuilding following a total loss to one or more unit.



Employee Theft Plus

Recommended insurance for business owners with employees. It provides cover for the theft of your property arising from a dishonest act or omission by an employee.



How to get NZI insurance?

For full details of our commercial property insurance, or to request a quote, please contact your broker. If you don’t already have one, we can help you find a broker.

Policy disclaimer

The documents available on this website represent our standard policy wordings. These standard wordings may be varied when they are issued. Any variance will be unique for each customer, based on their individual circumstances. The wordings on this site can be withdrawn, substituted or varied at any time without prior notice.